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Drinking Facts UK is here to give you facts on drinking in the UK. Binge drinking is becoming an increasing problem amongst the young people of Britain and knowing your limits could save your life.

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Alcoholism is a growing problem in the UK, you might not think your weekly Saturday night out clubbing could harm you but you would be surprised. Grosse alcohol consumption can not only harm your health but it also puts you in extremely vulnerable circumstances, Drinking Facts UK is here to give you advice.




Did you know that there are 1,400 student deaths due to extreme alcohol consumption each year? If this shocking statistic isnít enough, we have some expert guidance for you.


Think about how much you drink on your nights out, clubs and bars usually offer heavily discounted prices to students, however, this can be dangerous. Be aware of your alcohol units clocking up. The healthy alcohol consumption for a woman is 2-3 units a day (the equivalent of a 175ml glass of wine) and for a man it is 3-4 units (the equivalent of a pint and a half of lager).


Crossing these limits can lead to liver failure and illnesses which will stay with you for life. Just one night of heavy drinking can damage your liver irreparably.




It isnít just your health that suffers when you drink; you are also putting your personal safety at risk. 63% of falls occur whilst drunk, excess alcohol consumption could lead you to stumble and break an arm or worse!


Excess alcohol consumption lowers your awareness and makes you feel carefree, whilst this may sound fun, it can lead to you being put in awful situations. 75% of reported rapes in the UK take place under the influence of alcohol, when drunk you are less aware of your surroundings and have less strength to fight an attacker off.


Be aware of where you are and what you are drinking the next time you go clubbing, donít loose sight of your friends and keep checking on each other. Stay safe and make memories that you will be glad to remember not forget!



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